MCSA (MicroSoft Certified Solutions Associate)

  • Fundamentals of Server
  • Requirements to Install Server OS in a System
  • Deploying Server OS in a Computer (GUI & Core)
  • Migrating OS between Core to GUI and Vise Versa using Poweshell
  • Fundamentals of Active Directory
  • Introductions to ADDS objects
  • Pre-requirements to Install AD in a core and GUI mode OS
  • Removing ADDS services.
  • Creating Users & Objects
  • Configuring User Properties
  • Configure Profiles
  • Assigning Share & Security Permission
  • Different between Mapping and Homefolder
  • Enabling Quota & Shadow Copy
  • Creating OU & Groups and assigning delegation control
  • Deploying IIS Server and hosting a webpage
  • Hosting multiple websites
  • DHCP Super Scope
  • DHCP Lease
  • Backup & Restore DHCP
  • Introduction to WDS
  • Pre-requisites for WDS
  • Deploying WDS
  • Adding Install & Boot Images
  • WDS Multitasking
  • Deploying OS to PC’s using WDS
  • Clustering
  • Fundamentals of Trust
  • Configuring Trust relation between different Domains.
  • Fundamentals of FSRM
  • Fundamentals of DFS
  • Deploying a FTP Server
  • Protocols and Port no’s for IIS & FTP server
  • Fundamentals of RDS
  • Deploying RDS for remote Users
  • Fundamentals of RAID Storage
  • Deploying Software RAID
  • Configuring Additional Domain Controller with RODC
  • Creating BULK User Using CSV & LDF Format in Command Prompt
  • Creating bulk user using powershell
  • Fundamentals of DNS
  • Deploying DNS Role
  • Network Load Balancing
  • Fail-Over Clustering
  • Network Policy Server
  • Configuring VPN using RRAS Server
  • Fundamentals of security
  • Direct Access
  • NAP
  • NAP with DHCP
  • AD Forest
  • Forest & Domain functional level in Server
  • FSMO roles
  • Seizing FSMO roles to another server
  • Transferring FSMO roles to another server
  • Promote ADC to PDC
  • Replication
  • BHS,GC,KCC,TOMBstone,Garbage
  • Using Replmon tool for replication
  • Configure intersite replication
  • Enabling UGMC
  • Zones of DNS
  • Records of DNS
  • Types of DNS
  • Moving DNS from Primary to Secondary
  • Fundamentals of DHCP
  • IPAM
  • Configuring DHCP role
  • DHCP Fail Over
  • DHCP Split Scope
  • Configuring DFS
  • Server Backup feature
  • Taking Backup and restore it
  • Performing Authoritative and Non-Authoritative backups using DSRM mode
  • Verify objects restored
  • Force removing ADDS
  • Metadata cleanup
  • Resetting DSRM Password
  • Fundamentals of IFM
  • Configuring IFM for slower WAN link
  • Snapshot of ADDS
  • Restartable ADDS
  • AD Recycle Bin
  • Defragmenting ADDS
  • Fundamentals of GPO
  • Implementing GPO for various process
  • Folder re-direction
  • Software Installation
  • Deploying MSI using GPO
  • Editing Security templates
  • Hyper-V
  • Creating VMM in Hyper-V
  • Managing Hyper-V
  • Fundamentals of Branch Cache
  • Implementing Branch Cache
  • Dynamic Access Control
  • Overview of WSUS
  • Deploying WSUS role




Curriculum of all the programs are as per International Standards set by Principles of the resective technology. 
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